Friday, February 27, 2009

a paroxysm of grief

"My favorite inside source
I'll kiss your open sores
I appreciate your concern
You're gonna stink and burn

Rape me...
Rape me, my friend
Rape me...
Rape me, again

am i the only one?
am i the only one?"

-Kurt Cobain lives-


  1. does he now?

    long distance relationship eh? that has to suck. I don't think I'd have the strength or the patience for such a thing.
    .. hairfall?
    .. not sure what to say about your mom. i hate saying sorry about things like that. because im not sorry. but, i do hope something terrible doesn't happen.-- although, terrible doesn't always have something to do with illness...
    unemployment, ha, right there with you..
    whiskey. grand.

    im assuming that's in farenheit.. i don't know if that means its cold or warm.
    .. it was minus 35 this morning, celcius. im getting rather tired of the cold.

    ----well, i have to clean. i've been putting it off for a while.. then i'm suppose to party.. RAWR.
    sometimes, i just get too much.. party.

  2. i swear! can ya believe the man? B-)

  3. I hav always been I love with him :)

  4. .. i love that photo...
    anyway, i found my friend.
    i've been horrifically anxious the past two days. baking and cleaning non-stop.
    i fear if i stop doing things i'll crash and burn.
    so i guess i just won't stop..
    caffeine pills for a reason eh?
    mmm... cake

  5. @ dzi: thanks girl!

    and G: \m/