Thursday, March 5, 2009

a bo·he·mi·an rhapsody

"There is something in October
that sets the gypsy blood astir...
We must rise and follow her;
when from every hill of flame, she calls and calls
each vagabond by name..."

- William Bliss Carman


  1. hard on myself?
    well.. maybe. sometimes its hard not to be.
    but whatever. i have a job interview today.
    and im making little popovers for breakfast.
    so... it should be ok.
    in the long run anyway..

    - the flower bit was from this girl who was talking to my friend darren about what she should do for her boyfriend.
    and the fifty buck thing is shmee's mantra.
    "happiness is a cheap pack of cigarettes, a line of coke, and a bottle of wine"
    -tsk, silly wino.

    and yeah, waking up from bad dreams is always shocking to my system. makes me feel very out of place in the world..
    -love the poem you have up there.
    i like gypsies.

  2. haha. once again, I love me them gypsies.
    ... if I could find a romani girl..
    I'd be all up in that.
    .. haha.

    anyway.. sucks about the scene where you are.
    getting drunk? mm, being drunk is ok, but i've always found it to be an odd atmosphere to be around. i'm not a drinker.
    and there certainly isn't any drinking at raves, or at least there better not be, drunk people at raves wreck the energy and kills highs. I'd kick a drunkard on his ass before i lost my high.
    . the being me thing.. very flattering. i find it an odd thought though.. i've never wanted to be anyone but myself.. i've always just gone and gotten what i wanted if i needed something, some sort of change. but i'm like that. i can't sit still for too long.

    .. me and shmee? all giggly and love struck like usual. we have our moments. but we work quite well together. hopefully we'll be able to grow together too... sticking it out is always a difficult thing.

    .. AH, thanks for noticing the tag line. i do quite like this one better than the last.

    cheers, shapiro.

  3. love the way you relate the picture with your post!

  4. i'm glad, goirick, that you see the connection.... my mum and sister couldn't...

    you know those little, fluffy, things that keep flying about.. its one of those...
    i'm told they are seeds...