Thursday, September 18, 2008

sunday morning catch!

if you are ever bored on a sunday morning (what are the odds of that?! lol) just look around in your backyard or terrace... you'll be amazed at all things you'll see... at least i was... (i mean i had hardly noticed all these days....)
pretty arent they? :)
P.S. know what these are? "dhaniya ke phool"! lolz!

the egyptian dream :P

OK so i was very pissed that i wouldn't be going to Cairo with dad.
"but its a business trip - i'm going there to work!" he said.
yeah i totally cared...
so i gave him a camera n asked him to get some pictures of the desert and the sphinx for me...
he got lots of them.
but this one's my fave! i particularly love how the slight curve of the road contrasts with the lines of the pyramid and how the lamp post adds to the layers....

my fave corner- all oil painty! :D

got a bunch of ol' photographs on the door of my wardrobe.... get me hopping down memory lane each time I see them... :)
my fave is me n anee in jodhpur wearing red and white pullovers... we were 8 and 6 respectively! awwwww!!

...down memory lane. wayyy down.


after ages, i visited the house where i got my first bicycle... and a lot of other firsts.... :)

that's when....


something happened to what would have otherwise been a brilliant photograph.
but i love the "something" that happened to what would have otherwise been a brilliant photograph. :P

Innocence, thy name is Gundu! :D