Monday, February 23, 2009

Call of the wild


  1. This post reminds me of my class 10 days, when I though I could cut my palm and become a werewolf. Dont you think I was too old for Fairy tales and Demons?

    Btw, I can’t draw at all. Once I tried to draw the Indian map. Others perceived it as Jackfruit. They praised for my fascination for eateries.


  2. Not much of a cheeseburger person... can't actually remember the last I had one.
    But I'm sure I'll find her anyway. Her mom said to call on saturday and that she would inform me of when I could see her then.
    Which is so silly. Her parents aren't very good. Me and Shmee are her real family.
    I remember in grade school when we had to read that book (the one your drew about). It didn't catch my interest.
    --so. what has been happening with you. Besides your fantastic drawings.

  3. G: your comment made me laugh out loud... thanks :)

    and the thing with drawing, if you have to you will... never mind the jackfruits!

    and i'm 20 years old now and am still believe in fairy tales and demons...
    cuz they're all around us...

    go on, take a good look....

  4. Seems that Buck really stopped here.
    Thanks for reminding me of this amazing book by a brilliant writer.
    White Fang was good too, but the Call of the Wild much better. Have you read Jack London's short stories too? They are just as good as the novels.

  5. Short stories you say? Nope, no idea. But thanks, I will get a dekko :)