Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hello again, colours!

I'm learning the ways of blogging credibly (still) and realised my hazyshapes blog carried a header image whose real owner I couldn't trace back. 'Poop', right? Oh well.
So as a quick-fix, I made my own little doodle. It turned out perfect but it was ghastly for a header.

Well it wasn't too bad, just um... plain.
Though I love me some negative space, this one right here just felt *sigh* bland.
In the sense of beer snacks with no seasoning.

So I took it to the circus - played with hues & saturation levels of all sorts. Halfway there while the screen rapidly changed colours before my eyes and the dramatic X-Men climax blared on in the background, I struck upon the idea of adding a little pop magic.

While it greatly salvaged the doodle, I decided the format wouldn't work for the header.
So here it is on my photoblog instead.
Why not, eh?

However, today's greatest takeaway for me - I'm shocked at how much I've missed drawing.
Oh colours!
I'm not terribly talented or anything but this one thing I've always done is, mix colours up with odd little textures. hint hint

Well, this little gig today felt hella good and good to be back after all :)

Post Script: I can't believe Cow By Dumpster didn't make heads turn. Hmph.

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