Saturday, April 4, 2009

(cant) get my green on

"Isn't it ironic how the color green is used to represent both, health and sickness?"

"The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has been in the news for quite sometime now.
Everybody's naturally excited... I am too...
But tell you what, its a pity to see those huge, old trees being brought down.
Chord Road now wears a raped look."

"My favorite place at home, was my bedroom, through the windows of which I could see a million green trees...
I woke up one morning and saw a building instead.
It made me sad..."
- the girl who walks funny

This post, I dedicate to "garden city" which can not, for much longer, be rightly called so.


  1. nice post.
    Sad ,
    how the word "development" has a "distortion" intrinsic in it

  2. there's no looking back now is there?

    hundred.. or maybe even a million years from today, i'm sure there'll be no flora and fauna and such... and me and you will probably merely be mechanical beings....
    i dunno...
    i sure see it happening.
    i think we should all just accept that and be prepared for it.
    we started it.

  3. The blue open sky will give away to a claustrophobic dark enclosure, as humans turns into machines and then just energy the Matrix movie perhaps....i dont want to live to see that day....anyways thanks for the post........keep walking!!!

  4. neither do i :(

    thanks for the comment :)

  5. We all just need to plant more n more plants everyday...!

  6. being a nature lover, you are an endangered species!
    trust me, you would miss those trees a lot lesser once the metro is complete.
    I've seen something similar happen here in Delhi over the last decade.

    Nice post, liked your uncomplicated writing.

  7. you said it vineet... =)

    and, jayant: i hope so... but what i meant to say is that, the sights here are so fast changing that its a bit odd...
    its just the awful nothing in between something that was there and something that's to come...

  8. Fantastic blog.
    Very simple and still very different.
    Killer post, this.