Wednesday, November 19, 2008

viva la chaos!

this is chaos.

They are my best friends today. As you can see they're of all shapes, sizes and IQ's (I dunno how you would see that, so I'm just telling you.)

One's even married. lol.

Sure, me (girl) hanging out with them (guys) means that I'm pushed to the front of the bus while travelling.

It means going to the restroom, in the intermission, without anybody to cry to- "I look so fat!"

It means not discussing "the latest green kajal pencil!" or "my new haircut!!"

It means people stare.

It means my department faculty calls me "shameless".

Balls to my department faculty.

'cause when these guys are around, its absolute bloody madness. We're almost always laughing our butts off. I'm very happy with that.

viva la chaos!


  1. balls to all d faculty ppl in d world man! they r frikin jobless o wat?!! :X

  2. they ARE man!! you have barely spoken to one guy on campus and they start off!

    lord help this country!
    like open up people!!!

    .|.. (-_-) ..|.